Poésie - enfants

Hand on heart

They said it would be and adventure

They said il would be fun

They said we would be defending our country

They said that the war would be won

Gun on shoulder, hand on heart

We promised that we would all do our part

To win the war, to seize the day

But the war still won’t go away

Months have past and we’re still here

Weak from lack of rhum and beer

Stomach empty, rumbling along

As the public cheers along in song

They don’t know what we have seen

As images come to mind as we dream

Heart still trembling as we sweat with fear

It can only go downhill from here

Megan-Hope Davis - 12 years old - written in 2021 - London - England

Text send by Louise Gagné from her granddaughter on July 15, 2022

(Voir la traduction française faite par Louise Gagné dans l'onglet: La guerre)